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What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Take a shower? Brush your teeth? For more than 80% of smartphone users, checking their social media profiles is done before their feet even touch the ground. One study shows that we check our phones about 150 times per day. We spend about 50 minutes per day on Facebook, we share 70 million photos per day on Instagram, and send 500 million tweets per day on Twitter. We connect with friends, family, celebrities, businesses, and political leaders instantly through these platforms which makes our voices feel heard and important. For this reason, it is a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy to have a social media presence. Not only is connecting with customers on a personal level a huge asset but 80% of small businesses also use social media to monitor and collect information on their competitors. It’s been found that within the first two years, 50% of small businesses claimed that upping their social media game has directly lead to new customers and clientele.

So, we have established that social media marketing is extremely important for your business…now what?

  • Determine what makes your business special and what makes you stand apart from your competitors? The content on your page needs to incorporate a consistent message which reflects the personality of your company.
  • Update your content consistently and showcase new services and products.
  • Use hashtags. Yes, that little number sign is the key to spreading your business around like wildfire. A hashtag immediately expands the reach of your post beyond those who follow you to everyone interested in that keyword. Placing only 3 relevant hashtags on each of your posts will up the viewing by 50%. It also gives you a platform in which to touch your customers on an individual level, allowing you to cater the service or product you provide to their individual needs which will then result in long lasting relationships.

We understand the importance of Social Media, and want to share our expertise with your company. We stay true to your company’s philosophy and can incorporate your originality and uniqueness into all social media outlets. Social media can also be a great way to obtain more audience by offering discounts for follows for likes for likes! You give us the #problem and we will give you the #Total Solution.



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