Design Your Walls!

Removable Murals

If you have a large wall that is in desperate need of some design and the $1,000,000 Picasso isn’t quite fitting into your budget, then a Removable Mural may be the way to go. Removable Murals can be a great way to cover an expansive surface since they give a lot of bang for your buck and are easily removed when you move out or just get bored. Removable Murals start around $200, depending on your wall size, and can be easily customizable with a favorite photo, image, or original artwork designed just for you and work well in any room!


At Home

Add some personality to your space, something that gives people who come to your home a sense of who lives there, what they love and what inspires them. Removable Murals also offer an easy solution to the traditional wallpaper, which involves messy paste and difficult application.

Home 1


Kids Rooms

This seems like an obvious setting for Removable Images because no matter how their tastes change over time, their décor can easily changes too without much cost or effort.


At Work

When your clients walk in and see a beautiful and bold image in your reception area, it can really set the tone for how they perceive your company because it tells a story about your company’s vision and culture. And don’t forget about the most important assets your company has- whether you are a bank or a creative firm, it is important to provide a space for your employees that is stimulating and inspiring. Custom murals take that message even farther and can provide a sense of pride to all who come to work there everyday.

Office 2


Get Started

Feeling creative? The Image Solution can create a mural that will bring life to any size wall. If you need help getting started, our designers can work with you to create your own unique image. We will also provide you directions on how to apply your new mural or we can install it for you. So, get creative people and get those rooms dressed!


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